Science Year 10

10.PS2.1- Describe the structure of a reflex arc and synapse
10.PS2.2- Explain a method for investigating how a factor affects human reaction times
10.PS2.3- Describe the role of different parts of the Endocrine system
10.PS2.4- Explain how the body controls levels of Glucose in the blood and the impact of diabetes
10.PS2.5- Explain the roles of different reproductive hormones in the Menstrual Cycle
10.PS2.6- Explain how methods of Contraception prevent pregnancy and how infertility treatments work
10.PS2.7- Describe the terms: Current, Potential Difference, Charge and Resistance
10.PS2.8- Compare how electrical current and potential difference act in series and parallel
10.PS2.9- Explain what is meant by Ohms Law and Calculate the resistance in a circuit
10.PS2.10- Explain how the length of a wire affects resistance and how to investigate this
10.PS2.11- Explain how having resistors in series/parallel affects the total resistance in a circuit
10.PS2.12- Describe how electricity is distributed through a mains supply
10.PS2.13- Explain how the current model of the atom developed
10.PS2.14- Explain how alpha, beta and gamma radiation is produced and compare their properties
10.PS2.15- Determine the half life of a radioactive substance
10.PS2.16- Describe the role of different parts of the brain and how we find out about them
10.PS2.17-Explain how the processes of accommodation and iris contraction work in the eye
10.PS2.18- Explain how water and temperature levels are controlled in the human body