Geography Year 9

Christmas Revision

Question Stems

1.To improve you need to learn the differences between events and processes on plate boundaries.
2.To improve you need to know the different types of volcano and their locations and hazards. 
3.To improve you need to be able to recall your earthquakes case studies and apply them to new situations. Try the Gimme 5 technique.
4.To improve you need to understand earthquakes. What are they, how are they measured, plate boundary mechanisms.
5.To improve ensure you know how natural hazards are monitored. You need to know prediction, prevention and preparation.
6.To improve know why people live in hazardous environments.
7. To improve you need to be able to compare case studies from LICs with HICs. Try the Gimme 5 technique.
8. To improve practice answering 6 marks questions
9. To improve practice answering 9 marks questions.