Science Year 9

1 Describe how Ionic Bonds from when electrons are transferred from on atom to another Link Button
2 Describe how the reactivity series determines if metals will be displaced or not Link Button
3 Explain how metals can be extracted from their ores by Carbon or Electrolysis Link Button
4 Link the extraction of Metals to Oxidation and Reduction Link Button
5 Explain how acids and alkalis can be neutralised and link this to the pH scale Link Button
6 Explain how a sample of a salt can be prepared from and acid and insoluble base Link Button
7 Explain how energy is stored as gravitational potential or kinetic energy Link Button
8 Explain how energy can be stored as elastic potential energy Link Button
9 Explain how the specific heat capacity of an object can be found Link Button
10 Compare a range of sources of energy in terms of: sustainability, reliability and impacts. Link Button
11 Explain how you can calculate the density of materials Link Button
12 Explain how you can calculate energy changes when objects change state Link Button
13 Describe the particle motion of gases Link Button
14 Explain how chromatography can be used to identify substances Link Button
15 Explain how different gas tests can be used to identify gasses Link Button
16 Explain how Flame Tests can be used to identify metal ions Link Button
17 Explain how you can identify ions using precipitate tests Link Button
18 Explain how the atmosphere has changed over time and the impacts of humans on it Link Button