Geographical Skills Paper 3

Question Stems

1.To improve you need to use DiCE to describe the pattern on a map. Link Button
2.To improve practice using different techniques to manipulate data such as working out % or mean. Link Button
3.To improve you need to use the correct photo analysis technique. Link Button
4.To improve you need to practice how to work out the mean, range and interquartile range. Link Button
5.To improve you need to practice using data to draw bar charts and histograms. Link Button
6.To improve practice working out the % or difference between data sets. Link Button
7.To improve you need to practice analysing data using T.E.A.M. Link Button
8.To improve you need to be able to describe the thought behind your investigation title and location. Link Button
9.To improve you need to justify which methods you used to collect your data. Link Button
10.To improve you need to justify why you collected your data. Link Button
11.To improve return to your data and think about how it helped to support your conclusions. Link Button
12.To improve you need to explain why your presentation techniques (graphs,maps) help to show the results. Link Button
13.To improve you need to make connections between your results and your conclusions. Link Button