Business Studies Year 9

Welcome to the Business Studies section of the website.

Listed below you will find relevant topic headings for the BTEC Units/module of study in progress:

Year 9 Enterprise in the Business World

Year 10 Promoting a Brand and Principles of Customer Service

Year 11 Finance in Business and Principles of Customer Service

The majority of resources are held in student Google Classroom accounts, including assignment briefs, task sheets and past papers.  These will enable you to help with revision and are designed to be used alongside the paper revision guide and question booklet.

Additionally, we have included links that support the building of skills such as evaluation.  These links will take you to various websites and resources to help build knowledge, skills and understanding in preparation for the coursework and exam modules.


You need to develop your understanding of national factors and how they affect businesses Link Button
You need to assess the impact of environmental and ethical trends on businesses Link Button
You need to do more revision on ethics and the impact on business Link Button
Review key economic words to develop your outlines  Link Button
Develop your comparison techniques Link Button
Review and understand BTEC command words Google Classroom and

Link Button

Review your team’s investments in your Investor Challenge portfolios Link Button
Research business performances to improve your rankings in the Investor Challenge Link Button
Watch The Apprentice and Dragons Den to prepare for the next assessment