History Year 11


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Your recall is weak; we recommend that you purchase a revision guide from the academy shop. Please find the link to the Academy Shop where you can buy revision guides here Parent Pay Website
You have a revision guide before each lesson you should use this to prepare for the session. Document 1,

Document 2,

Document 3.

Your spelling of key terminology is weak. Last year SPAG marks were worth one whole grade. Use the knowledge organisers in your book to make glossaries of key terms.
Your handwriting is hard to read; if an examiner can’t read your handwriting they score 0. There is a useful webpage here with some handy tips The Guardian Website
It’s really important to express yourself in PEAR paragraphs to develop analysis. Video 4
Your work would improve if you were to develop greater depth of detail in your written responses. Please find the link to the Academy Shop where you can buy revision guides here Parent Pay Website this will really help you include better depth of knowledge.
Attendance concern; please email your teacher or check Google Classroom for work if you are absent. The email addresses of our teachers are Miss Oldrieve eoldrieve@penrice.org.uk, Mr Varley dvarley@penrice.org.uk
When a question asks you to ‘use your knowledge of this historical context’ make sure you do so! Video 5
Read the questions carefully highlighting command words. Doc 5
Ensure you use quotations/details from the source to support your conclusions. Video 3
Avoid writing in the first person. Doc 4
When asked to explain make sure you don’t just describe events, refer back to the question. Video 6
Make sure you expand on your points, adding detail to ‘show off’ your knowledge. Video 2
Make sure you stay focused on the questions set; keep referring back to it.
When judging ‘usefulness’ of a source make sure you evaluate the provenance. Video 1
Please complete all homework tasks to ensure you are prepared for you lessons. Please have a look at the Academy’s homework policy for verification Homework Policy
To support your wider knowledge endeavour to read, watch films and documentaries, and check out podcasts. Document 6
When a question asks you ‘how far do you agree’ make sure you both agree and disagree with the interpretation. This video models how to develop a balanced 16 mark response YouTube Video
For high mark questions make sure you plan out your answer. This page on BBC bitesize has some great advice. BBC Bitesize
Spend only 1.5 minutes per mark per question. When doing past paper questions at home for revision practise sticking to the time limits.