PE Year 9

Core Year 7 8 9

Performance, Leadership, Resilience, Independence, Extra Curricular, Fitness

1.     Develop and improve your level of fitness. Link Button
2.     Show a positive mindset to complete challenging tasks. Link Button
3.     Improve your leadership in lessons. Link Button
4.     Improve your ability to work on your own. Link Button
5.     Attend extra- curricular clubs on a regular basis. Link Button
6.     Show more attention to detail when developing practical skills. Link Button
7.     Actively engaged in the lesson. Link Button


Year 9 CN Targets

1. Explain answer is more detail and provide specific contrasting examples. Link Button
2.Apply links to sports in all answers. Link Button
3.Ensure key words and terminology is used.
4.Use exam techniques learnt in English when completing extended writing pieces. Link Button
5.Improve presentation of coursework.  Link Button
6.When using a range of sources put work into your own words. Link Button
7.Participate regularly by bringing kit to every lesson.