Computer Science Year 11

Welcome to the Computer Science section of the website. Below you will find links to various websites and resources, which can be used to develop learning and increase understanding of the subject. Each link is integral to the course and will help build upon the foundations that have already been built during lesson time.

The year 11 exams are on Monday 14th May for paper 1 and Thursday 17th May for paper 2.

Computer Science: Link to resource
1.  Computational thinking: Abstraction, Decomposition, Algorithmic thinking. Link Button
2.  Standard searching algorithms: Binary search, linear search. Link Button
3.  Standard sorting algorithms: Bubble sort, Merge sort, Insertion sort Link Button
4.  Why data is represented in computer systems in binary form Link Button
5.  How sound is sampled and stored in digital form & sampling intervals affect sizes of sound files Link Button
6.  The use of the three basic programming constructs: Sequence, Selection Iteration Link Button
7.  The use of arrays when solving problems, including both one and two dimensional arrays Link Button
8.  Common tools and facilities available in an integrated development environment (IDE) Link Button
9.  The characteristics of high and low-level languages & the characteristics of an assembler. Link Button
10.  The use of data types: Integer, Real, Boolean, Character and string Link Button