Music Year 8


Improvement Target What can you do?
Ensure your work is neatly presented in books. a) Write date, title/learning objective and underline with a ruler.

b) Use blue or black pen with colours where appropriate.

c) Cross out with a single line e.g. cross out

d) Glue sheets neatly into book without folding if possible

To know, understand and use keywords. Music Keywords These words will help you improve your writing about performance & composition both in MS1 and in the music computer room.
To contribute to class discussions in a positive way. It’s OK to be wrong! Contributing an idea is a positive thing and it doesn’t matter if your idea is ‘right or wrong’.  What matters is that you contribute in a positive way that helps move the discussion along. Be brave!
One of the key things is listening. Listen to the answers other people give, stay focused throughout the discussion and don’t be afraid to repeat what someone else has said or just add to it in a small way.
To STAR during discussion/performance. Sit up!

Track the speaker i.e. look at the person who is talking/performing.

Ask questions (asking lots of questions is good learning behaviour)

Respect all learners

To raise your aspirations of what you are capable of. Everybody is aiming for the best grades i.e. Grade 9 or Distinction. We are realistic that some students will not achieve these grades but we know that by always aiming for the very best that we will hopefully achieve a grade that is ‘great for us’. Trying our best every day is what counts!
To learn your part carefully for group performances. This means performing your pieces accurately and without mistakes. You achieve this by thoroughly learning your pieces. You’ll need to stay focused during practical lessons and make sure that you use 100% of your practice time learning your part.
It’s very important that you ask for help. I want you to try and work it out yourself, I want you to ask others in your class that can already play it to help, but it that doesn’t get you going then please ask your teacher!
To develop your knowledge of basic music theory. Music Theory Website Work through the section called ‘The Basics’. Perhaps you could make some notes on this and bring them to your teacher?