Challenges of the Human Environment Paper 2

Question Stems

1. To improve you need to learn the different ways we measure development and evaluate their effectiveness. Link Button
describe the pattern on a map.2.To improve you need to use DiCE to Link Button
3.To improve practice using different techniques to manipulate data such as working out % or mean. Link Button
4.To improve you need to learn your TNC/NEE case study Nigeria. Try the Gimme 5 technique. Link Button
5.To improve you need to assess the effectiveness of different methods that enable countries to develop such as aid and tourism. Link Button
6.To improve refresh your knowledge of Kenya as a tourist destination and how it helps it to develop. Try the Gimme 5 technique. Link Button
7.To improve learn your urban HIC and LIC cities. What challenges and opportunities are there? Try the Gimme 5 technique. Link Button
8.To improve try out some short answer questions that use complex development data. Link Button
9.To improve revise the different types of maps you will come across such as choropleth. Link Button
10.To improve practice answering 9 mark questions. Use the structure strip to help.  Link Button