Maths Year 9


1. Practising times tables Link Button
2. Ordering positive and negative integers Link Button
3. Adding and subtracting integers and decimals Link Button
4. Multiplying and dividing integers Link Button
5. Solving real-life problems with negative numbers Link Button
6. Using the four rules of negative numbers  Link Button
7. Solving real-life problems involving money  Link Button
8. Ordering decimals  Link Button
9. Multiplying and dividing decimals  Link Button
10. Using inverse operations  Link Button
11. Making sensible estimates  Link Button
12. Estimating answers by rounding to significant figures  Link Button
13. Solving problems involving bounds (limits of accuracy)  Link Button
14. Evaluating powers and roots  Link Button
15. Using the index laws to simplify expressions  Link Button
16. Evaluating negative indices  Link Button
17. Evaluating fractional indices  Link Button
18. Identifying equivalent fractions and simplifying fractions  Link Button
19. Converting between ordinary numbers and standard form  Link Button
20. Calculating and solving problems in standard form  Link Button
21. Ordering fractions  Link Button
22. Converting between improper fractions and mixed numbers  Link Button
23. Adding and subtracting fractions  Link Button
24. Multiplying and dividing fractions  Link Button
25. Understanding basic percentages Link Button
26. Converting a fraction to a recurring decimal  Link Button
27. Comparing fractions, decimals and percentages Link Button
28. Calculating a percentage of an amount  Link Button
29. Calculating one amount as a percentage of another  Link Button
30. Increasing and decreasing an amount by a percentage  Link Button
31. Calculating change as a percentage  Link Button
32. Calculating reverse percentages  Link Button
33. Solving problems involving compound interest  Link Button
34. Finding the HCF/LCM and writing numbers as products of their primes  Link Button
35. Simplifying surds, expanding brackets and rationalising the denominator  Link Button
36. Calculating with surds  Link Button