Art and Design Year 11


AO1 Concentrate more on development of your ideas.  Link Button
AO1 Ensure your choice of sources enables you to make a strong connection to your main idea.
AO1 Increase the level of detail in your analysis with use of specific vocabulary.
AO1 Step by step guide
AO2 Increase the number of studies that show your refinement of your idea.  Link Button
AO2 Ensure methods are chosen with some relevance to intentions as work progresses.
AO2 Justify your selection of experiments
AO2 Ensure experiments effectively show a progression of skills.
AO2 Fluently annotate your experiments to reflect on the potential of techniques/processes.
AO3 Increase the rigour in your recording of ideas. Link Button 
AO3 Be more selective of the methods to ensure you connect to your theme strongly.
AO3 Concentrate on the quality and range of your observations.
AO3 Ensure your studies show progression and development of your theme.
AO4 Ensure the response reflects your understanding of visual language Link Button 
AO4 Increase the personal connections in your response.

Refine the quality and level of skill in your response.

AO4 Improve the imaginative presentation of your final response.


step by step pic