ICT Year 11

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1.  Online services – Types of services available. Advertising PPC pay per click, Tracking devices Life styles

E Commerce

Key words

BTEC I&CT Revision Guide

2.  Online documents – Collaborative working, file sharing VLE Software
3.  Online communication – VoIP, Web conferencing, Broadband Online Safety
4.  The Internet Packet switching, Client side processing, Server side processing, ISP IP TCP FTP URL Network types



5.  Email – Webmail the role of ISP. IMAP POP3 Dis/Advantages Email etiquette

Email Questions

Revision booklet

6.  Data Exchange – Transmission methods. Bandwidth Supermarkets & ICT

General – all topics

7.  Data Storage –  DBMS Database Management Systems, Database structure DBMS Databases

Data Storage

Online data systems

Why use computers?

8.  Possible threats to data – Data Protection Act Computer Misuse, Phishing Legal Framework

Risks and Implications

Data Security