English Language

Improvement Targets – Reading

  1. Use accurate subject terminology.
  2. Extend your inferences in question 2.
  3. Analyse the effects of writers’ choices of methods.
  4. Use appropriate textual detail to support your response.
  5. Make a clear and relevant response that focuses on the task.
  6. Work on your timing in the exam.
  7. Use sophisticated subject terminology to support your views.
  8. Make more precise comparisons in question 2 and 4.
  9. Use precise quotes and embed them into your response.
  10. Give a perceptive and detailed response, including a comparison of writers’ methods and perspectives.


Improvement Targets- Writing

  1. Use a range of vocabulary and linguistic devices for effect.
  2. Match writing to audience and purpose.
  3. Accurately use the full range of punctuation in your writing.
  4. Use creative and varied sentence structures for effect.
  5. Proofread your work- making corrections will improve your grade.
  6. Use an extensive and ambitious range of vocabulary throughout your writing.
  7. Use varied and inventive structural features to craft your writing.
  8. Use a wide range of punctuation accurately for effect.
  9. Use a full range of sentence forms for effect.
  10. Proofread your work- writing should reflect a high level of accuracy.